Who We Are

We are manufacturers and suppliers of uniforms, especially uniforms for school and college students, gowns and coats for lawyers and various types of other uniforms for professionals and other institutes.

The fabrics for the uniforms are of the best quality available in the market and are procured directly from the leading manufacturers in the industry. The fabrics also undergo the inspection of our Quality Control Team and the stitching process is monitored to ensure the quality of the final product.

This online platform displays all uniforms and related accessories pertaining to Kendriya Vidyalaya Schools (KVS) and other schools, which are available at a more affordable price where quality is still maintained and products have been delivered to your doorstep. After a period of discussions with parents of students of various schools to understand the availability of the product, price etc and the time consumed for the procurement of the products, we at “Jupy Uniforms” came to a conclusion that we can provide an online space where parents and students will be able to purchase items according to their specification or requirements at any time.

We have been in the Uniform Industry for over a decade and this step towards the online business is a big milestone in our career. We provide Uniforms, Belts, Socks, Ties, Bags, Shoes, T-shirts, Track Pants and various other accessories essential for students and educational institutions. Our branch “JUSTICE INN” has been a supplier of Gowns, Blazer, Waist Coat, Neck band and other products for lawyers all over Kerala for more than half a decade. We also provide neck ties of various materials such as Polyester, Nylon, Jacquard and Satin, which have been our most sold items along with those of printed or woven logos of customer choice. We also provide our own brand of Cotton Lycra socks which is most suited to the weather conditions in Kerala.

Our focus is to provide a stage where requirements are met online to reduce the difficulty of searching and collecting various Uniforms & Accessories for both parents and students. We here at “Jupy Uniforms” strive to do our best in providing services in a positive manner.